Mumbai Smiles

In January 2015 I visited the Mumbai office of Sonrisas de Bombay (or Mumbai Smiles); an NGO founded by Barcelona journalist Jaume Sanllorente, established with the aims of fighting poverty and improving the quality of life for slum residents within the city.

I was hugely inspired by my visit and the incredible work that Mumbai Smiles is undertaking, and I've continued to stay in touch with the team in India, volunteering my time to work on design projects whenever possible.

Part of Futuro's overall mission is to help raise a little more awareness of the work of organisations such as Mumbai Smiles, as well as to generate a few extra pennies that can be handed on. At least 10% of all income taken through the Futuro online store in 2016 will be passed directly on to our NGO of the year; Mumbai Smiles.

Learn more about Mumbai Smiles here, o aquí (español).